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Concrete and Asphalt Recycling



Fill Dirt

We offer fill dirt and topsoil at competitive pricing. These include Reclamation Fill, Clean Fill Dirt, Common Fill Dirt, Screened Fill Dirt, Select Fill Dirt and Topsoil.


Asphalt Recycling

With a 99% recycling rate, asphalt pavement is the most recycled product in the USA. We offer this service to our customers.

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Offsite Crushing Available

Project Contract Pricing is available. Please contact us for further information.

Reclamation Fill, Blacktop, Soil, Concrete, and Stone

Telford Recycling & Materials is a family owned and operated business, which has been in existence since 2012. We are a concrete and asphalt recycling center. The materials we offer are crushed concrete, recycled asphalt and topsoil at competitive pricing. We are located in Bucks County one mile off of Route 309 in Telford, Pennsylvania.

Our quarry location is accepting clean soil, dirt, concrete, asphalt, unpainted bricks, block, stone, and other materials deemed to be Reclamation Fill by the PADEP. The restoration of land productivity is an important, integral part of restoring our former quarry. The ultimate revegetation of the area by tree cover stabilizes an ecosystem for the long term via their positive effects on soil quality, improving both potential commercial and aesthetic values.


Reclamation Fill refers to uncontaminated, non-water-soluble, non-decomposable, inert solid material including: soil; rock; stone; gravel; unused bricks (provided no painted surfaces); block and concrete (provided no painted surfaces); block and concrete containing metal internally, which shall mean that all metal shall be removed from the surface of the block and/or concrete so that only rebar or other metals that are embedded in the concrete remain; and incidental asphalt in an a mount of 25% or less on average in any one load by volume.

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Download our Reclamation Fill and Self Certification forms for quick, easy delivery of your fill.

G.A. Peak Excavating

Did you know? We also offer a full range of excavating services, including demolition, clearing, surveying, erosion control, earthwork, utilities, curb, sidewalk, paving, and milling! Quality work, competitive pricing and communication during implementation of all phases of our projects are the key components of our organization.